Cocktails and Mince Pies in Bar 1509

Enjoy mulled wine or our special cocktail and mince pies in Bar 1509

Enjoy a taste of festive tradition this Christmas with mulled wine or our special promotional cocktail with mouth-watering mince pies in the relaxing and comfortable surroundings of Bar 1509.

Consisting of brandy, sugar, oranges, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, Mulled Wine is the Christmas cocktail classic, warm and sweet with a hint of the exotic and the eastern a perfect complement to our mince pies. No Christmas is complete without it.

Or try our perfectly balanced, fragrant Royal Crown Martini a dessert cocktail with a hint of orange that has stolen and sealed within it a bit of sunshine and goes wonderfully well with the mince pies.

Mulled Wine with Mince Pies – £7.50
Royal Crown Martini with Mince Pies – £9.95